February 10, 2021

What Questions Should You Ask During A Tour?

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Welcome to a tour of your potential new home!

Thus far, you have found a community and desired floorplan you are interested in leasing. You have scheduled your tour and done some research on the property.

Now what?


Rather you have, or have not, lived in an apartment or townhouse previously, there are questions you should be asking during a tour.


First – Create a list of these questions and have them ready before you arrive.

(Do not worry, we have a great list started below!)

If there is a question you think is too simple, still ask! Do not be afraid to do so, as leasing professionals are trained to answer them. No one expects you to know everything (or anything!) about their community.


Second- Keep note of the responses and all answers so you know in the future which property and home will best fit your needs.



Not sure what questions to ask during a tour?

Here is a great list you want to consider during your visit:


  1. What utilities am I expected to pay?
  2. Are these utilities (if any) included in the rent and/or added to my monthly ledger? Can I pay them along with my rent?
  3. Do I have to set up these utilities in my name and apartment before the move? Do you take care of setting any up?
  4. Are we viewing the exact apartment I will move into or a layout of it?
  5. What is the average increase in rent? Is there a dollar amount or percentage?
  6. Is there any additional parking for my guest? If so, is there a limit?
  7. What additional fees are expected before move-in? When do I have to pay them?
  8. What additional monthly fees will be required or expected during my lease?
  9. Does this community hold resident’s events? If so, how often?
  10. What good shopping/restaurants/bars/actives/insert your interest.. are located in this area?
  11. Do you have a community map of the property I can see? Can you show me where my location would be?
  12. How many maintenance crewmembers do you have? What is their response time?
  13. How can I put in a service request? Is there any request that is considered an emergency?
  14. Do you have 24-hour maintenance?
  15. How long of a lease term are you offering?
  16. Is there a price adjustment for signing either more or fewer months?
  17. What amenities are open year-round, and which will be limited?
  18. Is there a breakage fee or penalty if I choose to leave during my lease?
  19. Is there a renewal bonus if I continue my stay after my lease?
  20. Do you have a preferred employer/military/teacher discount?
  21. Are your leases electronic or paper?
  22. Can I make online payments? If not, how else do residents pay rent?



Consider WHY you are moving and what you are looking for in this new home.

Bringing a dog or cat? Consider asking if they are animal friendly and what amenities they have for you both. Need a quiet space to relax during the day? See if they have a conference room or complementary services at the clubhouse.

Working from home? See which service providers they have for internet and if they can refer you to a representative for their property. If so, call that rep and see how much service is and if there is a discount for being a resident at this location!

Think about this while preparing your questions and make sure you take the time you need to answer them with your consultant.

This tour is for you and your future. Make sure you get everything out of it that you need!

Schedule a tour with any of our communities today and ask these questions!

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