November 25, 2020

What Are Oddo’s Core Values? The Third- Family

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Oddo Development prides our company on six core values.


One of the most important values within these six are “Family”.  Oddo Development is proud to be a family owned business. Within their expanded companies, several of their family members hold careers within corporate, commercial, and residential housing.

Above all, the Oddo family pours their dedication into improving the way people live throughout the Overland Park, Lenexa, and Leawood areas.

Additionally, several commercial developments provide hundreds of careers and employment opportunities that benefit the Kansas City area.

One thing is certain, all employees are a team and apart of this Oddo family making the company one of the best in the industry.



Emphasizing “Family”.


Family is an important value to highlight, as this value rules deep into the Oddo business. Family is the backbone to the structure of residential housing and the beginning of this development company!

Without this pillar, there would be no motivation to provide excellent housing options to all qualifying persons.

Having family at the core brings a devotion that other companies simply do not have.  The idea of being together, committed, and determined reveals excellence in service and quality that is unmatched inside the industry.


The testimonies of two voices listed below describe just what “Family” means within Oddo. Here is what our Reginal Manager, Tamara, had to say,


“I have always felt a part of the Oddo family within my last ten years. However, over this  past year, I truly have experienced what Family means when being apart of this team.

Receiving grace, support, and encouragement from the entire Oddo team

makes me want to be the very best version of myself.

This, so I can build others up just as I have been.

That is what my Oddo Family means to me.” – Tamara Gladden, RM



Second, the Executive Assistants explains this value from her perspective saying,

Eight years ago I had major surgery and was in the ICU for eleven days. 

One day I had the feeling someone was with me and opened my eyes to see the founder of our company, Frank Oddo, standing at my door. 

He had come to check in on me which I thought was very sweet.  Rick came by a couple of times as well.  That really touched me. – Jill Maloney, EA




Above all, we live these roles at Oddo Development within our professional and personal lives.


We want to show our residents, clients, employees and partners that these six values hold true to us everyday.


Make sure to check back next week for our second highlighted value, “Accountability”. Our special feature will include words from several of our residential team members!

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