December 16, 2020

What Are Oddo’s Core Values? The Sixth- Community

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Oddo Development prides their company on six core values.


These values include Inspire, Empower, Family, Accountability, Integrity  and Community. This, reminding employees and residents alike of the everyday commitment to these values. In devotion to this, giving a product to help residents improve the way they live.

The past several weeks have emphasized the importance of each and every value. In this, expressing deeply each layer and how being rooted in them creates a wonderful work and life culture.

Closing out the conversation about values, the last topic is the reason Oddo Development brings life to the Kansas City area.




Oddo is committed to improving communities, in which they strive to foster a spirit of belonging and unity.

They create this sense of responsibility and gratitude in serving and helping others around them.

Community, especially in this COVID age, has created a new digital era that worked to bring people together. This sense of building was not lost, but rather gained in new ways.

Team members have built relationships with each other, residents, venders and all additional offices. Families, friends, and neighbors alike put others first and checked in on others wellbeing. Unlike ever before, Community has come to the foreground in a powerful and dominate way.


Oddo devotes themselves to maintaining this and making sure residents, family, friends, employees and their community have the best life possibilities they can and continue to express this.




Every voice at Oddo could contribute to what
“Community” means to them.


The Villa Milano Community Manager and Jefferson Pointe Assistant Manager were eager to contribute their thoughts!


“When I think of Oddo’s community I think of a great quote by Helen Keller

– “Alone, we can do so little; Together, we can do so much.” – Faith Morasch, CAM


“Oddo is a place you feel welcomed and at home!” -Rekeshia Jones, NALP, CAM





Above all, these roles at Oddo Development live within professional and personal lives.


We want to show all residents, clients, employees and partners that these six values hold true to us everyday.


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