December 02, 2020

What Are Oddo’s Core Values? The Fourth- Accountability

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Oddo Development prides their company on six core values.


These values include Inspire, Empower, Family, Accountability, Community and Integrity. This, creating an environment of production and consistency for both the corporate office and their properties. In this, giving residents a way to improving their lives.

The past several weeks have emphasized the importance of Inspire, Empower, and Family.


The next value in line is the fourth value of Accountability. Speaking on this core are several team members listed below showcasing how they take part in being held accountable within their careers everyday.


This is one of the most important values within the six.


Having the need to be held accountable for both right and wrong choices help expand and educate those in the company to become a better employee and co-worker.


We believe that mistakes can happen, but how an issue or concern is dealt with and addressed is more crucial.


Those in office take accountability to new heights as they help manage and promote the communities they are devoted to. It takes a strong team to choose this everyday, and why it is a major value.


Conflicts within or out lead to brighter solutions and conclusions held in best terms.



The testimonies of four voices listed below describe what “Accountability” means to them within Oddo.



Each message brings a new insight to how the Oddo team works to achieve their goals, as well as continuing to support this value.



Sonoma Hill’s own Assistant Manager says,

 “Accountability means always following through and following up.

You must strive to become your best, even when times are tough.

Individual actions determine team results.”  – Brandon Brazda, AM


Bradford Pointe’s Leasing Agent believes that,

“Accountability means not only owning up to your mistakes

but apologizing and learning from them as you move forward.”

– Lindsey Schober, LA




The Manager at Hunter’s Pointe reflected on this  core value and says,

“Oddo demonstrates accountability by taking the initiative and always striving to be one step ahead of the customer service we provide.

When others do the norm, we pledge to dig deeper and ask ourselves,

“What else can we do for them?” 

Vanessa DeSloover, NALP, CAM, CM


Another member on the team said this was the best quote that inspires them while thinking about accountability and why it matters everyday. The quote reads,

“A culture of accountability makes a good organization great and a great organization unstoppable.” – by Henry Evans




Above all, these roles at Oddo Development live within professional and personal lives.


We want to show all residents, clients, employees and partners that these six values hold true to us everyday.


Make sure to check back next week for our fifth highlighted value, “Integrity”. Our special feature will include specials words from Human Resources!

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