November 11, 2020

What Are Oddo’s Core Values? The First- Inspire

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Oddo Development prides our company on six core values.


These values include Inspire, Empower, Family, Accountability, Community and Integrity. In addition, these values hold their own pillar in supporting our developments continual growth and success.

This, creating an environment of production and consistency for both our corporate office and all properties.

Over the next several weeks, we will be highlighting one of these six values. In response to these, statements have been gathered by our employees to see how each value influences their careers and how they are used within Oddo everyday.


Core Value - Inspire



The first value emphasized is “Inspire”.


We asked our Executive Vice President what “Inspire” means to her within her position at Oddo.


She had this say, “I believe “Inspire” captures the essence and energy in a company and a necessary component for people to thrive.

  Whether you are helping residents, prospects, supplier partners or colleagues, the positive energy one can create to make that experience great is what it’s all about!”   -Jeannette Cox, EVP.


Additionally, our website explains its value greatly by saying, “Our team thrives off the energy that comes from going above and beyond expectations not only to provide a superior living experience, but also to provide exceptional customer service.

To do this, we foster a caring and innovative environment that rewards passion and ingenuity.”Oddo



Core Value - Inspire



Above all, we live these roles at Oddo Development within our professional and personal lives.


We want to show our residents, clients, employees and partners that these six values hold true to us everyday.


Make sure to check back next week for our second highlighted value, “Empower”. Our special feature will include words one of our maintenance crew members!

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