December 09, 2020

What Are Oddo’s Core Values? The Fifth- Integrity

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Oddo Development prides their company on six core values.


These values include Inspire, Empower, Family, Accountability, Community and Integrity. This, reminding employees and residents alike of everyday commitment to these values. In devotion to this, giving a product to help residents improve the way they live.

The past several weeks have emphasized the importance of Inspire, Empower, Family, and Accountability. This week explored is the humbleness of Integrity.



Oddo promotes honesty, fairness and respect in business practices.  Recognizing that listening is key to understanding employees and customers.

There is a fostering of open communication and mutual respect to and for everyone.

This value is defined as a practice of being honest. It also means showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong and moral uprightness. Each employee strives for this in every task and conversation had.





One voice shown through when speaking on the value of  “Integrity” within the office.


Oddo Development’s Human Resources Manager, believes that,

“Integrity in my job means behaving honorably, even when no one is looking.

This by being dependable and following through on commitments.

Being open and honest when communicating with others.

Holding myself accountable and owning up to your shortcomings.”

-Alicia Nolan, HR





Above all, these roles at Oddo Development live within professional and personal lives.


We want to show all residents, clients, employees and partners that these six values hold true to us everyday.


Make sure to check back next week for our sixth and final highlighted value, “Community”. Our feature will include words from one of our valued Community Managers!

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