October 29, 2021

The Positives of Living In A 55+ Community

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Oddo Development is proud to promote our latest management community, Aspen Ridge!


This property is located on Ridgeview Road in Olathe, Kansas, and is the seventh site to join the Oddo collection.

Its uniqueness in design and 55+ active adult requirements make this a first of its kind for this company.

While learning about these changes, many positives have come from this transition!


This month’s topic dives into 10 Positives for Living In A 55+ Community that you may not know.



1. 24-Hour Maintenance


One of the best perks of living in an apartment is maintenance-free care!

One never has to worry about lawn care, home labor, or taking care of emergency issues again!

The office is one call, email, or stop-in away from placing a service request to get your needs taken care of.

Aspen Ridge residents are also welcome to use their private portals to enter service requests online at any time.


2. Multiple Resident Activities


Resident engagement is one of the most important traits to look for in an active community. The whole idea for the active property is to stay engaged with the office and neighbors.

Oddo’s latest community, Aspen Ridge, has a designated Activities Director designated to plan multiple daily events. (Enquire today to get your PDF version of our newsletter that includes this detailed calendar!)

The team prints these newsletters as a magazine free for our residents to keep track of all the offered events with their designated dates and times.


3. Garages & Additional Storage Options


Downsizing  can be one of the hardest obstacles when coming from a home to an apartment.

A great way to help minimize that shock is to look for a 55+ community that offers private garages and storage units.

This community offers what others don’t – private garages and additional storage.

Aspen’s detached garages are perfect for any car owner who wants to protect their vehicle from weather or persons.

Need more space? Ask about additional storage units! These are a perfect way to keep a home from being cluttered, especially if one is downsizing.


4. Community Engagements


Community is a sense of a people coming together in similar interests and goals.

Our goal at Oddo is to Improve The Way We Live.

One large way to do this is to focus on community engagement and how residents are able to bond with us and one another.

Aspen Ridge takes pride in the community that has been built and continues to grow.

There is a list of continual events, groups, gatherings, and clubs that are arranged by the neighborhood itself.


Everything from walking clubs, craft and chats, memorials, art shows, religious services, and more are produced and done with excellence.

At Aspen, the community room is always open and ready to supply games, tables, and unlimited coffee!

Looking to create a group or event? Let the office know, and they may be able to post out an announcement to gain interest!


5. Mental and Social Stimulation


Given the above points, it is no surprise that living in an active community like Aspen Ridge will give great mental and social stimulation.

Continental breakfast is provided every weekday in the community room, new weekly puzzle challenges with prizes, and happy hour every Friday. The list goes on!

The office is open Monday through Saturday and welcomes all to converse with us!

Ask questions about events, updates on the team, and prospects to tour our beautiful community and models.


6. Easy Indoor & Outdoor Access


A great perk of living in an active adult community is the easy access points within.

Aspen has easy-flowing indoor and outdoor spaces. These include private patios or balconies in every home and multiple outdoor amenities.

Outdoor access is important as getting sun and fresh air is great for mental and physical health.


Amenities that are included at Aspen to engage in outdoor activities include a putting green, luxury pool, dog park, walking trails, BBQ lounge, and additional open green space for activities.


7. Convenient Locations


Location, Location, Location.

This is HUGE when considering an active adult community as transportation to outside places is important for residents to explore.

No one wants to be confined to their home, so having a simple solution like a bus can bring those willing to leave the community and into their city.

The closer a property is to fun places, the more these neighbors can go out together.

Fun events include lunch, local shopping, holiday lights, casino nights, theater performances, and much more!


8. Multiple Support Services


When leaving an established home and coming to an apartment there might be hesitation as to who can assist the transition and new routine.

The development of a community should take time to consider this and offer several services such as pet care, meal services, dry cleaning, and more.

Pet care can include grooming and walking services. Meal services include lunch and dinners for those who do not want to leave.

Dry cleaners for those who need their clothes professionally handled and then delivered to them again.


On-site maintenance can also help with services such as changing lightbulbs, filters and physically changing tasks.

Services that support a positive environment for all!


9. Secure Services



Security should be everyone’s number one priory when it comes to housing.

Aspen Ridge has both exterior and interior surveillance as well as key fob entry to their main hallways and amenities.

Upon residents’ move-in day they will receive these fobs that allow them and their guests into the hallway areas. This way all traffic can be monitored by the office!

Make sure to confirm what security is in place both online and in-person and where first responders are located to their new home.


10. Selection of Floorplan Varieties



When selecting a home, another important factor is the space itself.

It can be hard to come from a larger home to an apartment, but there are great features to look for when choosing that next living space!

Make sure the hallways and doorways are large enough. There is plenty of kitchen and bathroom space. Look into pantries and shelving for standard storage.

Bedrooms can fit their existing furniture and limitations on art décor for the wall.


It’s important to note what is and is not coming along on this move. Plan ahead, and ask the office for floorplan dimensions before leasing.

Overall, know what has to fit the home before making your final selection.



Interested in viewing Aspen’s eleven beautiful homes? Visit them here to see all layouts that are perfect for you!


If we are interested in visiting the beautiful community of Aspen Ridge  …


Please visit us online or stop in for an impressive tour!