September 15, 2020

Oddo Development – Unlike Any Other

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What makes a company successful?

Within Oddo Development, aspects that drive success originates from their respected leaders, encouraged employees, and a thriving workforce.


Oddo Development has been transforming the way people work and live since 1966. They have created five multi-family housing properties as well as several commercial and industrial buildings located throughout the Kansas City area. This not including, the construction of Big Creek Lodge, Siena of Leawood, and Sonoma Plaza.


Oddo devotes its service to these areas within their business:


Development “We select the ideal location for our communities and partner with local architects and engineers to foster the best community for the neighborhood. We maximize space and offer the most essential amenities for the project. This, creating a product of lasting quality that meets the needs and appeals to the tastes of today‚Äôs customers”.


Construction “As the general contractor we are committed to completing our projects safely, with the highest quality, on-time and within budget utilizing hands-on experience and knowledge. Our team consciously builds a product that is sustainable, respectful of available resources, and mindful of our community footprint”.


Management “As a premier management¬†company we provide first-rate knowledge spanning all of Kansas City. We specialize in commercial and class A multifamily communities. We cater to our shareholders, employees, and residents. Our hands-on approach and unique expertise in the market sets us apart from others in the industry”.


Oddo’s services create an experience truly unlike any other.



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