January 13, 2021

Oddo 2021 Theme- Relationships

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Welcome, 2021!

This new year bring new hope, new goals, new opportunities and of course new relationships. Normally, there is a long list that reads out all these goals with checkmarks and achievement dates leading to an ultimate end goal. Next to this, another list showing how to reach these goals, how to measure success in each of these areas. We are doing something different. We will not be measuring or setting dates for achievements. Instead, we will be choosing to build relationships with a goal of making someone’s day brighter, everyday. Ask how people are, what they need, and how we can help.

Today, we do not focus on “how” to do this but instead “why”. We ask why is this goals important? Why do we need to connect deeper with our co-workers, friends, family, tenants and even strangers? Why are we doing what we do everyday?

This question, while seeming large, has a simple answer. This answer? Improving the way people live by building relationships.


Oddo Dream Teams

Are community teams are ready to help find your dream home!


We at Oddo Development do what we do everyday to help provide quality homes and build relationships with our teams and communities.  The last several weeks our Core Values have been addressed on the blog and how this impacts our office everyday. Empower, Inspire, Integrity, Accountability, Community, and Family all had been broken down by multiple team members describing what they mean to each one. These values will continue to develop, maintain, nurture, and support relationships while still maintaining and growing our values.


Building relationships does not only have to be between family, friends, and partners but can also be in the form of costumer service, speaking with co-workers, neighbors and even strangers we interacting with everyday. These are all treasured and respected moments within our communities as we grow each day, driving our theme and values for our company.


2020 was hard for many people, but universally there has been growth in the need to stay connected and intertwined with people. Growing relationships in a newer way with family and friends was challenged and accepted to do digitally during quarantine. In 2021, as we hope for a day when we can all be together again in person, we also hope that this connection does not stop.  We have truly enjoyed seeing people reach out to their neighbors to deliver food, show them how to use Zoom to call family, and even bringing packages safely to each other. This list could go on!


The amount of love and dedication we have seen from each other was limitless during this time, and we hope to continue this into 2021 and after.



Oddo 2020 Holiday Party!

Which are the ugliest of these sweaters?!

2021 Be Good To Us.

In 2021, Oddo will work on expanding more relationships with each other, our neighbors, contractors, strangers and all people. We will build up our connections rather it be in person or digitally. We want to showcase our employees and their accomplishments as well as create new engagement with those looking to move and expand their business. All, to help improve the way we live.

Wanting to help be apart of this? Apply today to live in one of our beautiful communities to experience a new way of living with Oddo Development. Overland Park: Hunter’s Pointe, Bradford Pointe, Jefferson Pointe. Leawood: Villa Milano. Lenexa. Sonoma Hill and COMING SOON Sonoma Peak!


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