August 11, 2021

How To Get Involved In Your Community

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A community can broadly be defined as a group living in the same place or people having particular commonalities.  These may include select hobbies, religions, values, customs, identities, goals, and many other interests.


Belonging to a community gives one the feeling of belonging, success, happiness, and comfort to be among those who engage in similarities like them. It can be a smaller organization or a larger group but ultimately the outcome is nearly the same. There is a sense of bonding over an interest that brings people together!


When living in an apartment or townhouse community, there is a wide range of people that contribute to the overall neighborhood. Along with this, there are multiple ways to engage with each other you may not have tried before.


Here are a few ways in which Oddo recommends you get involved in your community!


Attend Resident Events



Going to resident events helps you not only meet your neighbors but also those who are interested in the same event’s activities as you.


Oddo Development has many different types of resident events to appeal to diverse interests. Wine tasting, Food Trucks, Casino Nights, Pool Parties, BBQs, Pet Painting Parties, and many more.

Plan to attend an event you find fun and others who enjoy it just like you will follow.

Say Hello to Your Neighbors and Have Meaningful Conversations


When you meet someone rather it’s on a walk, an event, the mail center, or wherever make sure to say hello!


It is important to maintain conversations with neighbors and friends nearby to keep these connections alive.

Ask how their pet, job, children, or whatever else you might discuss are. It makes a difference, we promise!


Go to Local Groups of Your Interest


There are many great ways to interact with your community. Rather it is inside or out of your apartment complex, being active is key.


Join social events, follow local influencers online, and visit the library for more detailed posting on upcoming farmers markets and events.


Follow Engaging Social Media Pages



Social media has been a HUGE way to connect to people and businesses. Supporting local businesses, farmers, and persons has come a large way, especially during COVID-19, to contribute.

Facebook also shares fun events in your area too based on your hobbies. Bar crawls, pet yoga, movie nights and SO much more can be found there.

Consider following those in your area to see who you can support by doing or buying things you love.


Subscribe to County Magazines



Magazines are a news form that showcases articles, calendars, and even more events locally. There are options for counties, cities, and even some detailed complexes.


Check with your leasing agent or search online for local magazines you can be a part of. They have the inside scoop on upcoming voting, theater in the park, grand opening business, and more all listed.




Volunteering is not only a great way to help contribute to your community but it can also change lives and provide ways to meet new friends.

This does not always require heavy physical work but can also be done by serving food, collecting donations, even being at home, and using your skills.

A great example of this is writing letters to children in hospitals, collecting prepackaged food and hygiene products for those who are homeless or pets in need. Additionally, any no-sew blankets are always needed for shelter animals as well as babies in ICU.

Other acts of service include the Make-A-Wish Foundation here in Kansas City. Oddo loves supporting this organization as well and so many children are waiting for their wishes to be granted!



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