October 06, 2020

How to Create a Stress Free Move In Day

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It is no secret that moving can be incredibly stressful.


This stress can be caused by how time-consuming and expensive moving is, but do not worry!! It no longer has to be this way.


Having to complete a to-do-list before move-in day is daunting. However, there are ways to make this process both simple and easy.


These tips will help residents stay organized and want to complete tasks beforehand to avoid any confusion and chaos before their big day!


Keep packed items in room-specific boxes.

The organization is key. Starting with packing all items into room-specific boxes so once unpacked – these objects are ready to be placed in their new home!

No confusion, no clutter, no misplaced items. Easy!


Schedule tv & internet providers to install services before your move-in.

Ask the leasing professionals for direct contact with an internet and cable provider. Most offices have representatives in the area that can give quicker responses, discounted prices, and avoid long service lines.


Give yourself, and your movers, extra time.

PLAN AHEAD. Dates for movers can book quickly, especially during the Spring and Summer seasons. Once approved, make sure to confirm your official move-in date and begin price checking movers in the areas needed.


Book as soon as possible and make sure you get an appropriately sized truck to haul your belongings!


 Downsizing? List all necessary keeps. Upsizing? Keep spaces clean and organized for future additions.

A good way to begin this process is to truly think of what NEEDS to come with and add them to a keep list. Stick to this list, and items that you have forgotten are safe to move on to another home.

Another season of holding on to bins and bins of clothes of sweaters…again? Select the best few, then sell the others to make a profit. You’d be surprised how much cash you can make!

When moving into a larger space, remember to plan out this space and only buy what is necessary for it to avoid cluttering it. Pinterest is a great place for ideas on décor and space organization!


Set up water, gas, and electric billing before you move in. Take care of any online rent payment too!

Within the move-in packet, there should be contact information within the properties area that provides numbers and web links to set up utilities. Each utility company should have a place to set up your new address so once a date is selected, the billing will come to you with your consumption the following month or so.


*Tip* Not all properties have these utilities in their buildings, or even set up to where residents pay! Just be sure to ask the agent the best way to get in touch with a servicer and of course, if these utilities are covered by them or an out of pocket cost to you.

Have your check or first payment ready with a folder of needed documents for the leasing team.

When move-in day arrives, make sure to stay on top of what documents are needed for the office staff. Prepare a folder in advance with all information requested so early that morning grab it and head to your move-in appointment!

Items that may be needed: A valid government-issued ID, insurance, utility confirmation numbers, animal records, cars licenses plate, and a signed lease.



Take a moment to breathe, relax, and soak in the experiences of creating a new home and new beginnings!