September 24, 2020

Engaging With Virtual Resident Events

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Covid-19 has changed the way billions of people live, work, and interact.

Here’s how Oddo Development is engaging with its residents to keep their communities strong.


It’s no secret Covid-19 has changed the way the world communicates. People have felt deprived of personal connections while trying to remain socially distant. However, Oddo has found a way to continue their engagement while still keeping residents physically apart. They have done so by connecting with the company Flamingo!


Flamingo provides a personal app to each property that includes several services meant to easily assist residents with online rent payments, maintenance requests, and sharing property information. Not only this, but it also connects residents by hosting virtual events.


What do these virtual events look like? Flamingo has multiple event options that will please multiple interests! At this time, they offer events such as rock and roll bingo, wine & paint nights, Bollywood dancing, Zumba, Mixology classes, multiple levels and styles of cooking classes, murder mysteries, and even comedy acts. This also includes a monitor to regulate the upcoming events, how to RSVP on the app, along with weather and news in relation to the city the property is in.


So far, Oddo has provided an online comedy show as well as a trivia night, both having wonderful feedback! Oddo has even including prizes of $100 gift cards, in-home services, branded merch, and delivering snacks and drinks day of to enjoy along with the event.


Residents have enjoyed meeting new neighbors while staying connected to those they’ve already met. Each event brings new interest, which expands engagement just as it would in person, leaving those who felt deprived of communication closer to those around them.


Which event would you want to be apart of first?