September 02, 2021

Corporate Appreciation Week!

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This past week we celebrated the hard work and leadership of all those within the main office with Corporate Appreciation Week!

We thank all those who showed their appreciation by gifts and words of praise. Below are some highlights of the week.



Monday– Hunter’s Pointe


Specialized Succulents


These sweet little succulents and their pots were the PERFECT way to start the week!

Each pot had a fun design that gave a blue tie-dyed wave pool effect. The succulents themselves ranged in color and design, showing unique characteristics to each one. Everyone in the office was so happy to get a specialized gift.

Not to mention a good laugh at the “Our Lives Would “Succ” Without You” pun.


Great job, HP!




Tuesday – Bradford Pointe


Panera Bread Breakfast


Tuesday morning corporate was treated to the perfect bagels and yogurt breakfast!

This office loves a good assortment of choices here in the office so this was another wonderful way to start our morning off strong.

Bradford defiantly treated us to a multitude of soft bagels, several cream cheeses, and delicious vanilla and granola yogurts.



Wednesday– Jefferson Pointe

Specialized Mugs & Wine Glasses

This gift was MADE for the corporate office (literally)!


Each team member got a coffee mug that says “Before Work” with a mini Bailey’s bottle. Then the second part of the gift was “Because Work” with a mini bottle of wine.


Anyone who works both in this industry, as well as any corporate office knows just how much these are both needed throughout the weekdays…


Thank you for your thoughtful gifts Jefferson Pointe!


Thursday– Villa Milano

Bundt Cakes & “The Best Corporate Office” Award

The next wonderfully thoughtful gifts came from our community, Villa Milano. While each one of us enjoyed our Bundt cakes before they were even set down, the trophy took this week to a new level.


Oddo Development has won countless awards within our industry including, landscape, customer service, MVP team members, management, reputation, and more. This award has to be one of the most special in our display case as it comes from the team members within. Our employees within Oddo show us every day that they are the best in the industry and how much they look up to crew at corporate.


This meant so much to everyone at corporate and will proudly be on display!



Friday– Sonoma Hill

Chick-Fil-A Banquet

Sonoma Hill wrapped up the end of our week with a Chick-Fil-A banquet for lunch. It was a great surprise and gave all of us a smile as we enjoyed this meal together while reflecting on the week.


Thank you again to everyone who made this such a special week for us all! We appreciate every single one of you.



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