February 03, 2021

5 Benefits of Making Online Payments

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When you think of convenience,

what comes to mind?


We at Oddo Development think convenience comes in several forms. Naming just a few are trouble-free communication, quick informational responses, and today’s topic of simple access to online payments!

Our properties give residents an effortless way to view their ledgers and payments through their community app. This is an important feature as providing this helps financial planning, clarity in cost each month, and generate automatic payments.


These tools help each resident secure peace of mind in making payments securely every time and easily document each cost.

There still might be questions on why online payments are preferred over any other form of payment.


Why are online payments beneficial? Let’s explain why!

1) It’s easy.

With a single click on the community app, residents see all payments due, past statements, and any additional fees owed (if any).

One additional click and any payment can be confirmed, paid, and a receipt emailed. It is that simple!


2) Avoid late fees and potential overdraft fees.

If payment is made after the 3rd of the month, it is considered late. If residents opt-in for automatic payments, this fee is avoided each month!

Relax every day knowing the correct amount is paid without any worry about late fees or submitting manual payments.


3) Reduces the need for in-person contact.

Contactless EVERYTHING has become a crucial concern during the pandemic.

Online payments have seen an increase in popularity as more limits are in place for office visits. Online payments are a perfect way to stay safe!



4) Autopay.

Automatic payments are the BEST feature of online payments. Every month, a ledger is emailed for convenience, then autopay will completely withdraw this amount on its scheduled day.

This eliminates all worries or hassle of going into your account, office, or store to collect your money each month for individual payments.

Additionally, this is perfect for any busy schedule and holiday season by removing all rent stress!


5) Clear ledgers and receipts.

Ledgers from all payments made to Oddo are visible and available at anytime online or within the app.

If payment is ready to be made, there is an email sent detailing each cost. A second email is then sent confirming the transaction!

It’s a more efficient way to read and keep track of all future financial statements.

This helps answer any rent questions and is safe, simple, and informative each time.



These valued points are great, but want to read what our Oddo teams think of automatic payments?

Read here!!


Faith Morasch, the Community Manager of Villa Milano, says, “I think of online payments as another way we try to provide the best experience for our residents with convenience built into their day to day needs.  Whatever they need a maintenance request, are paying rent, or viewing their lease they can do it all with ease and a click of a button”.


Kelly Pfannenstiel, Director of Operations, truly enjoys this convenience as she thinks one of the perks with auto payments is one never has to worry about rent being late, especially when the first of the month falls on a busy holiday weekend. Just like we read before!


“Set it and forget it” is the best motto that Assistant Manager Brandon Brazda from Sonoma Hill gives on this topic. He continues by saying, “auto-pay always pulls on the 3rd of the month, so you’ll save time and money (by avoiding late fees) if you set this up; which is a stress-free process. Confused about how to set up your account online? Bring a voided check to our office and we can set up your account for you!”


One woman who LOVES this online payment system is Rekeshia Jones, the Assistant Manager for Jefferson Pointe. She promotes payments saying “autopay takes the worry out of rent payments! Save time by using our convenient online payment features. No need to use checks anymore or worry when your payment will be processed”.


It is truly this simple and easy. We encourage you to try this system today!

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